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Hopefully it’s not a freight train. The grain markets were dosed in positivity this week. July corn was up 2¢ and July soybeans were up 21¢ for the week ending March 27, 2020. May wheat was up 33¢. “That dead cat we mentioned last week bounce,”... (full story)

The sharp drop in ethanol prices has pushed many ethanol plants deeper into the red, forcing many of them to scale back production or idle plants completely. But what about the big drop in corn prices? Have they come down enough to allow plants to... (full story)

Peanut prices received by farmers for all farmer stock peanuts averaged 20.4 cents per pound for the week ending March 21, up 0.2 cent from the previous week. Marketings of […] (full story)

Peanut stocks reported in commercial storage on February 29, 2020 totaled 4.16 billion pounds of equivalent farmer stock, compared with 4.33 billion pounds a year ago. This total includes 3.42 […] (full story)

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue designated four Texas counties as primary natural disaster areas. Producers in Austin, Brooks, Hidalgo, and McMullen counties who suffered losses due to recent drought may be […] (full story)

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue designated two Arkansas counties as primary natural disaster areas. Producers who suffered losses due to recent two recent disasters may be eligible for U.S. Department of […] (full story)

The end of a tunnel? Is that a light? After losing about 20 cents in some 20 days, the cotton market appears ready to dig in and hold its ground. At […] (full story)

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U.S. producers received a big of good news in the latest U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) export report released on Thursday. The report showed weekly corn sales rose to a marketing year high. The sale adds up to 1.8 million metric... (full story)

USDA is set to release its March Prospective Plantings report on Tuesday, March 31. Typically, acreage talk and banter dominates the market in March. However, this year, acreage discussions have been put on the backburner, due to COVID-19 and the... (full story)

The U.S. House has passed the coronavirus stimulus bill by voice vote. Many members rose in support of the CARE bill today, passed earlier by the Senate, that contains a number of agriculture provisions. Congressman Bill Huizenga of Michigan not only... (full story)

Embryo transfer can be a great tool to maximize a cow’s reproductive efficiency. Not only does it allow her to have multiple calves per year, but in can also boost the amount of offspring she has throughout her lifetime. By utilizing this tool,... (full story)

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Direct cash cattle trade is at a standstill.  The bulk of this week’s business has likely wrapped up.  Asking prices for the cattle that remain on showlists are at $120+ live in the South and $190 dressed in the North.  Trade got off to an early... (full story)

Covid-19 has been dominating all of the news channels, but there have been questions about how the virus could impact the ag sector. Dr. Jim Lowe is a professor of veterinary clinical medicine at the University of Illinois and is an expert on... (full story)

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Cattle futures are trading with front month Friday losses of $3.22 to $3.95 so far. April futures are more than $18 below current cash cattle prices. Feeder cattle futures are down $4.07 to $4.45 so far. The CME Feeder Cattle Index was up another $5.... (full story)

Lean hog futures are down the expanded limit in the May and June contracts, April hogs are $3.75 lower so far. The CME Lean Hog Index for March 25th was $66.17, up another $1.05, still ignoring the futures action. The National Average Base Hog price ... (full story)

Friday cotton is trading with midday losses of 43 to 85 points in the front months. Cotton sales from the weekly Export Sales report were 277,091 RBs. That was 19% lower wk/wk but 27% higher yr/yr. China accounted for 16.2% of the week’s sales, co... (full story)

Friday trades have corn futures lower by 3 1/4 to 3 1/2 cents in the front months. The national average corn basis from cmdtyView was -0.2868 on 03/27. That is the weakest basis since June 4th last year. Private exporters reported a large export sale... (full story)

The front month wheat futures are posting midday gains so far with Chicago leading the way. SRW futures are up 6 1/2 cents for May contracts. KC HRW futures are up 5 3/4 cents so far. May MPLS wheat is 2 1/4 cents higher at midday. Old crop wheat sal... (full story)

So far soybeans are trading 3 1/4 to 4 1/2 cents lower on Friday. Soybean meal futures are down 90 cents/ton for May contracts. May bean oil futures are in positive territory with a 13 point gain. The national average soybean basis from cmdtyView was... (full story)

Friday trades have corn futures lower by 3 1/4 to 3 1/2 cents in the front months. The national average corn basis from cmdtyView was -0.2868 on 03/27. That is the weakest basis since June 4th last year. Private exporters reported a large export sale... (full story)

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DJ Survey: 2020 U.S. Grain, Soybean Planting CHICAGO–The following are analysts’ estimates, in millions of acres, for U.S. grain and soybean planting, as compiled [...] (full story)

Market analyst Al Kluis says unless there’s a major turnaround in the energy markets, he doesn’t see much potential for a rally in ag commodities. “A lot of people call and say, ‘Al, when are things going to turn around in the grain markets’,”... (full story)

As supplies of US pork continue to grow, the Pork Checkoff remains focused on creating value for producers. Norman Bessac, vice president of marketing with the National Pork Board, says there is a significant opportunity to increase demand for US... (full story)

German Bund made a nice and clear five-wave, completed decline from the 181.9 high, and also started recovering in a corrective fashion (in three legs) from latest lows. (full story)

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Fewer Americans are on the road, and with less gasoline demand overall, it’s having a severe effect on the U.S. ethanol market. As ethanol prices fall to a record-low level, the ethanol industry is grappling with a major crisis. “The ethanol... (full story)

The All Beetle Ready-To-Use trapping system from Insects Limited, Inc. has an improved design for easy deployment. The no-mess system comes with a pre-loaded pheromone cartridge that simply snaps into the base of the trap for a one-step install.... (full story)

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COTTON General Comments Cotton was a little lower yesterday. A stronger US and world stock market and a weaker US Dollar were the best [...] (full story)

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...knowing where are within the stock market cycles, and the economy makes all the difference. (full story)

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Soybean Meal looks to be rolling over (full story)

Dealers reporting month end demand for USD and JPY into 10amET London fix. Liquidity is thin. Over 1.7blnEUR in EURUSD options expiring around 1.1000 strike into 10amET NY options cut as well. USD rallying broadly into NY trade, but lots of technical damage done after yesterdays... (full story)

If you were to gauge what has been occurring in the grain and soy markets only by where we stand for the week, you would wonder what all the fuss has been about.  As it stands at this moment, for the week corn is 2-cents higher, Chicago wheat is... (full story)

A Newsletter with actionable ideas, ES, NQ, Crude, Gold and more (full story)

The Bank of Canada today lowered its target for the overnight rate by 50 basis points to 25 basis points. (full story)

Going lower (full story)

We kickoff the day with Personal Income at 7:30 A.M. and followed by the Michigan indicators with Consumer Expectations, 5-Year Inflation, Michigan Current Conditions, Inflation [...] (full story)

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John Sinks is appointed as CEO of Magnum Systems, a North American equipment manufacture of bulk solids pneumatic conveying and packaging automation systems. He assumed responsibilities on Monday, March 23, 2020. (full story)

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